Monday, May 9, 2011

AN EXPOSTULATION Against too many writers of science fiction

Why did you lure us on like this,
Light-year on light-year, through the abyss,
Building (as though we cared for size!)
Empires that cover galaxies,
If at the journey's end we find
The same old stuff we left behind,
Well-worn Tellurian stories of
Crooks, spies, conspirators, or love,
Whose setting might as well have been
The Bronx, Montmartre, or Bethnal Green?

Why should I leave this green-floored cell,
Roofed with blue air, in which we dwell,
Unless, outside its guarded gates,
Long, long desired, the Unearthly waits,
Strangeness that moves us more than fear,
Beauty that stabs with tingling spear,
Or Wonder, laying on one's heart
That finger-tip at which we start
As if some thought too swift and shy
For reason's grasp had just gone by?

-C. S. Lewis


  1. I want to quote "Why did you lure us on like this..." on so I googled and found it here. Thanks.

  2. Great! Thanks for dropping a note to say so. I used to really love Poul Anderson. Nothing went wrong there, he just fell by the wayside with a hundred other authors I still mean to pursue some day. But when I first started seriously reading s.f. in my early twenties, I sampled around and Anderson's prose stood right out to me. I really enjoyed some short stories. I think the only novel I ever read was The High Castle, which was an enjoyable yarn. Any recommendations of where to pick up the thread?

    I also write blogs on two other s.f. authors:

    Gene Wolfe at:

    R. A. Lafferty at:

    I've done a lot on both of those and actually keep them up, unlike this blog (which I still hope to properly 'do' someday).

    Your Anderson blog looks nice! I'll be interested to see how you use the quote.